The Wisconsin Peony Society, Ltd. is a non-profit organization that formed in 2009 to promote, foster and generate interest in the cultivation and use of all peonies and to assist with the sharing of information pertaining to all peonies.

2020 Events dates posted.

Wisconsin Peony Society Auction and Meeting October 3, 2020 
Contact Scott Parker at oldtooltrader@centurytel.net if you’d like to donate

NEW! 2020 Photo Contest

Peony season is finally here and we are wanting to capture this brief but special moment with a photo content! We are wanting members to send in current photos from this year’s bloom season. The winners will be given $25 in Peony Bucks, which can be used at the Fall root auction for purchasing peonies. 

There are five categories and you can submit up to three photos per person* for each category. The categories are: herbaceous peonies, woody (tree) peonies, Itoh (intersectional) peonies, species peonies, and peony gardens**. 
Submissions need to be of your own photos, high quality, and names of the peonies should be given. If you don’t know the names, just put ‘No ID.’ You can submit your photos to Cory at wipeonysociety.president@gmail.com
Deadline for submissions is July 1st. Winners will be announced on the website and on our Facebook page: Wisconsin Peony Society Group. 
*By submitting your photo(s) you give the Wisconsin Peony Society full permission to print, copy, and distribute the pictures however needed. Authors of said photos will be given credit for their work. If you have any further questions, they can be directed to Cory at wipeonysociety.president.com

**A photograph of peonies in a garden setting, the peony is predominating but other flowers, plants and structures can be included.


Interested in becoming more involved in Wisconsin Peony Society? Please contact Cory Tischman at wipeonysociety.president@gmail.com  if you are interested.