Guest Gardener Program

An opportunity for WPS members to participate in growing a peony for WPS for 3 years, at which time the said peony will be dug and divided, a division will be kept by the participant (if they would like, otherwise, if not, all divisions can be donated), the other/s will be donated to WPS Root Auction. participant must agree to terms above. First group to be hand selected by chair (Tracey Nelson). Future years will be through interest and a lottery type drawing if interest numbers outweigh what roots are available. Members that participate in this program must be WPS members in good standing through the end of the guest gardener program year( paid up on dues). Goal for this program initially is to preserve Klehm Peony varieties. Ultimately I would like to see the proceeds from the auction of these peony roots to go back in to the program, to purchase more roots, essentially funding itself after initial $500 disbursement of funds by WPS. I see this as supporting our auction efforts moving forward, and another way to involve the membership in peony cultivation and preservation. Interested participants must be present and express interest at the WPS Spring Meeting and Lecture and a drawing of participants and cultivars will be done at that time.

Guest Peony Root Program participants will obtain roots at any given year of participation, at the WPS Root Auction of that year. Participants who are due to dig their guest garden peonies on the given year it is due, shall expect to bring their peony division to the root auction. If unable, must be responsible to get root to chair of guest gardener program by the date of the root auction. Failure to do so will prevent you from any further participation in the guest gardener program. This program can only work if we have responsible participants.